Egy Home for Relocation & Real estate Consultant

Egy Home for Relocation & Real estate consultant (EHRRC) is a local organization providing relocation services throughout all over Egypt. Head offices are based in Cairo, Egypt; Egy Home for Relocation & Real estate consultant is centrally located at the heart of Egypt.

(EHRRC) provides a comprehensive Corporate Relocation service covering different standardized modular programs or custom programs to suit any corporate requirement.

(our modular standardized programs and prices are available upon request) . We assist in locating homes and schools, provide settling in services and cross cultural training, we assist in obtaining all necessary immigration documentation as well as a multitude of other relocation services.

Our client is always accompanied by one of our experienced local staff ensuring the best service possible. Our staff members are highly competent and qualified individuals, with years of experience and thoroughly trained in their work as well as having an excellent knowledge and understanding of both the local region as well as the needs of the expatriate and their families. Our staff members are at least bilingual and have undergone multiple training before being assigned by (EHRRC)