Orientation and Settling In

When you move to a new country, completing easy day-to-day activities can be a challenge. You will probably need to open a bank account, register with local authorities, set up utilities and apply for ID cards. You may also want to know where to shop for essentials such as groceries, appliances, furniture and more.

With Egy home’s settling-in services, our local experts can take the mystery out of your relocation so that your transition is as smooth as possible. Your orientation program

can be tailored to the precise needs of your family. Let us know what is important to you!.

Introductory discussion (Face to Face, Phone call, Email)

Personal requirements analysis, discuss requirements profile, offer information on the rental market and residential neighborhoods, provide details of the procedure, clarify and agree a joint approach.

Selection of rental objects

Select and arrange appointments for viewing rental objects, taking into account personal requirements analysis (see 2.0 Introductory discussion).


Provide detailed itinerary 24 hours prior to service.

Viewing of  rental objects

Pick up and accompanied viewings of rental objects, including pick up of delegate/assignee and 1 accompanied viewing (Aprox 8 for a 2 days Service).

Completion of the rental contract

Explanation of the rental contract (in English), support during contract negotiations, collection of signatures, support in setting up standing orders for rent and payment of security deposit.

Attendance during the rental objects handover

Arrange inspection of the property, pick up and accompaniment at handover of rental objects, arrange connection of utilities (Electricity, Chiller, Internet/TV, etc).

Inspection report

Check in to property with inspection report.

Welcome basket

Provision of a welcome basket, including useful contact details such as Pest Control, Cleaning Services, and Handyman companies).

Lease negotiation

The service includes:
Ensure all documents are suitable for a contract, Liaise with the real estate and negotiate lease, process the lease agreement and coordinate the documents and payments on behalf of the delegate, arrange connections of utilities (Electricity, Chiller, Internet/TV, etc), Check in to property with inspection report, advise and provide useful contact details such as Pest Control, Cleaning Services, and Handyman companies).

Renewal Service

The service includes:
Notify to the Landlord of intention to renew contract (within notice period as per contract), Lease negotiation in line with Government Regulations, and Tenancy agreement and payment exchange.